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Why EdU?

Event-driven applications are getting increasingly popular these days compared to their request-reply counterpart. When you want to build asynchronous, loosely coupled, highly scalable, and resilient applications, the Event-driven Architecture (EDA) is the best option to consider.

But designing, building, and managing event-driven applications are somewhat tricky as there are many principles, frameworks, and technologies to choose from. Today, we can see tons of learning materials around the Internet related to various event-driven technologies and how to get things done with them.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the EDA space, it is always better to have a structured learning path towards building event-driven applications. It should be a path full of real-world examples, guiding principles, and takeaways to apply to your next EDA project.

That is why here we are at EdU brings you quality content on understanding, designing, building, and operating event-driven cloud-native applications at scale. We’ll make sure the content is fresh, relevant, and easy to follow.

EdU caters to multiple content types

EdU has multiple content formats that you can leverage to ramp up your learning process. Based on your learning style, you may choose what’s best for you.

EdU Blog

EdU Blog is the place where we regularly publish articles, tutorials, comics, and weekly updates in event-driven application space. Visit the Blog

EdU YouTube channel

We also have video content available from our YouTube channel. These videos are bite-sized yet informative enough to teach you the EDA concepts and tools in a visually appealing manner.

EdU Guides

EdU Guides is a collection of real-world use case implementations related to Event-driven Architecture. Each guide will have a dedicated Git repo with completed, ready-to-run code accompanied by a detailed step-by-step guide.

How to get in touch?

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